My husband and I love the S.U.G.A.R. Coat. We used to bring wool blankets with us when hunting those extreme cold winter days. That was a pain, because you always has to stop your hunt to wrap your dog properly. Then unwrap before you send for a retrieve. With the quick release magnet system it is so much easier. Just hold on to the shoulder handle or secure the coat to the blind by its D-ring and send the dog. No more unwrapping wool blankets or worrying about the blanket falling into the water. This product has made our hunts so much more enjoyable and out dogs so much more comfortable. Can't thank you enough for this great retriever coat.

Mary Rose and Paul Brin
New England Retrievers

My friend uses a sugar coat on his dog almost every time we go out hunting. Not only is his dog warm and dry she almost disappears in the goose fields.

Great idea!
Jack Ryder

I bought my Sugarcoat at the beginning of the 2010/11 season and have used it several times since then. What a great idea! the coat is simple and easy to use and really makes a difference for the dog. Not only is she well camouflaged but between the fleece liner and the tough windproof shell she's warm and dry too.

I really look forward to using it and being able to protect my dog as the season progresses into December and January when the air and water really get frigid.

Mike S.