The S.U.G.A.R. Coat:

The "Sub-temperature Ultimate Guarding All-weather Retriever" Coat
The Sugar Coat Company was founded as result of a great series of events unfolding. There are many people that have helped us get where we are today and we feel that these people are owed a great deal of thanks. We would first like to recognize New England Retrievers, Paul and Mary Rose, for finding us our Sugar dog. Without them we may have never had the opportunity to be with Sugar. We would also like to thank Patrick for his kindness as he was looking for a good home for Sugar and he sure found it! These are some of the many steps that led to the creation of the Sugar Coat Co.

Once Sugar had her place she began to move up the corporate ladder quickly. She continued her training and eventually moved into the hunting world. She did take some time off to raise a couple litters of pups and this is where she came up with her coat design. It was shortly after she had delivered that she decided to go on a hunt. We checked with her doctor to make sure that she would be alright to go and was given the green light, with the understanding that Sugar was going to need to be kept warm. To do this we brought an old wool military blanket with us to wrap her in. The wool kept her warm even when wet, but we found that it was always slipping off and landing in the dirt and mud. This was something that needed to be corrected. After several different concepts were designed and tested, Sugar finally came up with the ultimate hunting coat for herself, and spawning the introduction of The S.U.G.A.R. Coat. We used her name as initials for the company. The Sub-Temperature Ultimate Guarding All-weather Retriever Coat.Since dawning The S.U.G.A.R. Coat she has had many comfortable hunts during the cold weather.

With her first product on the market, Sugar decided to amp it up on her next endeavor. She designed a collar to mount a video camera on to show herself off. This idea took some testing and we still feel that it could be better, but the footage that has been captured is priceless. Sugar took her camera/collar hunting one morning and recorded a series of retrieves that still has people commenting on to this very day. We posted this video on YouTube for others to watch and boy did they ever. With 200k plus views, Sugar has made a nice little mark on the waterfowl industry. We would like to thank our customers, both old and new, and look forward to our next endeavor.

Thank You,

The Sugar Coat Company